NES Mini trade-in: How much could you get for trading in the retro console?

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S nearly in our very excitable hands, you might be thinking about money.

It's natural to start considering how realistic it is to spend a big old chunk of cash on a new console at launch, especially when there are often fewer reasons to do so.

Because of this, you might want to consider trading in something you're not using. Do you remember all the cute retro mini consoles they released that you bought and haven't touched since?

Maybe it's time you said goodbye to your NES Mini and said hello to a bit of extra money towards your next-gen console.

Where can you trade in your NES Mini?

If you're looking to trade-in some technology then your first port of call should always be CEX.

However, lots of gaming bits can also be traded in via GAME. That's not the case here though, the website doesn't seem to want to take any NES Minis, which means you might not be able to get a price in-store either.

At least there's always CEX.

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Is it worth it to trade in your NES Mini?

So, just how much can you get for your little bundle of joy. The console, not any other bundle of joys.

Well, CEX is currently offering £30 in cash for a boxed version of the NES Mini, and credit of £43.

If you've lost the box, you can still get £21 in cash and £30 in credit, but maybe don't lose the box.

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Should you trade in your NES Mini?

Now that you've got all of the figures, it begs the question of whether or not you should actually do this.

It's down to how much you actually use the NES Mini. If it's a staple of your day, then you should probably keep it. If it's got more dust on it than your TV stand, then maybe it's time to say goodbye to it.

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