Need for Speed Unbound money glitch - how to make infinite money

Need For Speed Unbound money glitch - how to make infinite money
Credit: EA

Need For Speed Unbound money glitch - how to make infinite money
Credit: EA

The Need for Speed Unbound money glitch is an easy way to make money in the new NFS title.

We know money doesn't come easy in Need For Speed titles, but you can get it fast and easy with the money glitch. Although NFS Unbound has been plagued by several game-breaking bugs such as the game crashing and loading forever, the money glitch has been a blessing in disguise for players.

This guide will show you how to make infinite money in Need for Speed Unbound by exploiting the money glitch. Let's get right into it!

Need for Speed Unbound money glitch

With the Need for Speed Unbound money glitch, you don't need to grind for hours and hours to get rich. Currently, there are three exploits to make infinite money and all three methods work on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

So if you're looking for a fast way to make money, here are three methods that will get you out of the grind and into fast money.

Winning the Qualifier infinite times

  • First, get to the Qualifier event that happens on Saturday of every week. If you like, you can set the difficulty of your race to Relaxed to make it easy on yourself.
  • Go ahead and win all three races.
  • After you see the screen indicating you have won the car and money, a cutscene will play out.
  • Once the cutscene starts playing out, quit the game.
  • When you launch the game again, you will notice that you have all the money that you got from the race and the Qualifier event is still there for you to complete (or repeat).

You can then do the Qualifier as many times as you want. You will get the cash bonus + the car every time you reach the cutscene after winning the Qualifier. You can stack up the prize car, and go online and sell them to earn more money.

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Escaping the cops

  • First, race until you have that 5 heat rating so that the cops are all over you.
  • After you get a 5 heat rating, go under the bridge in North Oaks. See the video below to find out the exact spot.
  • Park behind the pillars holding up the bridge, the cops will lose you - for some reason.
  • Once you escape from the cops, drive to the safe house to win the cash.

In case you get busted before you get to your safe house, just quit out of the game and come back in, and you’ll have all the money you racked up and have no police after you when you spawn in.

Another exploit for new players

After the first few races in the story mode, the game will give you 10,000 bucks to buy a custom kit for your starter car. In a cutscene, you will see Yaz asking Rydell about it and he would say it was for a client who never picked it up.

Just exit the game when this cutscene is playing out. Once you get back in the game, you will notice that you have that 10,000 bucks credited to your account. Rinse and repeat.

Simply play the story mode again and exit during the cutscene/conversation about the custom kit, and you will earn 10,000 bucks every time you do this. It seems like it's the cutscene that triggers the game to reward you with the winnings/cash.

So, there you have it, three ways to exploit the Need for Speed Unbound money glitch. EA is probably going to patch this glitch as soon as possible, so exploit it and make as much money as you can when you can.

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