Need for Speed Unbound cross-platform - does NFS Unbound have cross-play?

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Need for Speed Unbound cross-platform - does NFS Unbound have cross-play?
Credit: EA

If you’re wondering if Need For Speed Unbound is cross-platform, then we have the latest information from EA.

Now that Need for Speed Unbound has been released on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, there are a lot of questions about the game's features. Players want to know if NFS Unbound supports cross-play and cross-progression.


That's what we're going to answer in this article. Let's get right into it!

Does Need For Speed Unbound have cross-play?

Need for Speed Unbound is cross-platform, so it does support cross-play. Meaning, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players will all be able to race online against one another.

Cross-play allows you to play with players on other platforms and also ensures the online servers remain populated, decreasing the time that players will have to wait to find a lobby.

In addition, with cross-play enabled, you will be able to party up with your friends on any platform, either by accepting an invite from them or by sending one of your own.


By default, cross-play is enabled in NFS Unbound. But you can disable it by going to Settings and Accessibility > Game and then toggling Enable Cross-Play off.

Does NFS Unbound support cross-progression?

Need for Speed Unbound does not have cross-save or cross-progression support, according to EA. Which means you can’t transfer your progress from one platform to another.

So, if you start playing the game on PC and then move to PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll lose your saved progress and items. You’ll have to start all over again if you switch platforms.

Well, that’s everything there is to know about Need For Speed Unbound cross-play and cross-progression support. Since you are here, have a look at how to fix the DirectX error and crashing in Need For Speed Unbound.