NBA 2K22 Crashing - How To Fix NBA 2K22

nba 2k22 crashing

nba 2k22 crashing

Is your copy of NBA 2K22 crashing? With the recent launch of NBA 2K22, it was almost inevitable that there would be bugs. But the extent of the bugs has been quite striking, causing the game to crash. This has been particularly prevalent for Xbox gamers, who have found that on the Series X and S, the game seems to keep crashing on startup.

With it being such a new game, you might expect a few bugs that need ironed out. But a bug that renders the game almost impossible to play, is, no pun intended, a whole different ball game. So we've put together some of the best advice we can find, in an effort to help Xbox gamers actually play the game they bought.

Read on below to find out how to stop NBA 2K22 crashing and more.

How To Stop NBA 2K22 From Crashing

As we said above, it is quite a strange error. And perhaps appropriately, there seems to be an equally strange solution. According to YouTuber Nvad3, the solution he stumbled upon after many hours of trying, is as follows: Start loading the game. As soon as you start loading the game, start mashing the up button on your D-pad. By doing this, you can avoid opening the menu, and stop the game from crashing.

  • In addition, Nvad warns you not to open the menu. If you do, the game will crash, and you will be back where you started.
  • One other fix that has been mooted, is to try creating a new account. Some users with over 99 friends have found that doing this, and using an account with fewer friends, seems to have reduced the crashing incidents.
  • And finally, a long shot is to try and power cycle your console.

It is a very strange glitch, and we can only hope that 2K are feverishly working on a patch to stop this from happening. So it's well worth keeping an eye out for any pending updates for NBA 2K22, and download them as soon as they become available. You can follow them on Twitter @2KSupport.

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Why Does It Keep Crashing?

The question of why it keeps crashing is a good one. At the moment, there doesn't appear to be a clear explanation. According to user reports, it isn't linked to a specific error code either. The game just shuts down.

It does seem to be most prevalent for Xbox users, but again, this doesn't offer an enormous amount of insight into why it is happening. Players load up the game, and the menu appears to then trigger the crash. Hence why finding a way to bypass the menu may offer a temporary workaround.

Ultimately, 2K need to find a fix fast, because if you have to play the game by avoiding any and all in-game menus, that's far from an ideal situation.

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