How to fix the custom Jumpshot glitch in NBA 2K20: Stop resetting to Jumpshot 70

If you've played NBA 2K games for a good few years now, you'll know it is not immune to some pretty annoying bugs, and that's putting it lightly.

While NBA 2K21 is due to launch pretty soon, for any players who picked up NBA 2K20 after it was made free on PS Plus, these glitches can make or break your gameplay experiences.

One of the bugs that unfortunately made its way into the most recent NBA game is the jumpshot glitch. This sees your custom jumpshot reset to Jumpshot 70 after every game.

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Here's how to fix this glitch and start using your own custom jumpshot (please use Base 38).

How to fix Jumpshot 70 glitch

To prevent your Jumpshot from resetting to Jumpshot 70 or a different selection, here's what you need to do.

First, go to the Animation Store and buy all the components of your custom jumpshot. Don't worry about having to waste your hard-earned VC, as these components will be free.

While this is often enough to fix the glitch for some, if it still doesn't work then you will need to delete your custom shot and create it again.

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