Multiversus Mods: Best MultiVersus Mods, And Are MultiVersus Mods Bannable?

Batman arm wrestling Bugs Bunny - MultiVersus mods
Credit: WB Games

Batman arm wrestling Bugs Bunny - MultiVersus mods
Credit: WB Games

What's the deal with MultiVersus mods? Even though the game hasn't been around for very long, mods are already starting to appear. And players have not been slow to start using them.

But there may be trouble brewing down at the old mill. If you're thinking of using mods on MultiVersus, we'll offer you a selection of some of the most popular mods.

So, if you can avoid that pesky MultiVersus lag and MultiVersus connection lost issues, here's a look at the top mods.

Best MultiVersus Mods

We'll cover this in more detail further down, but before we do anything else, we need to state that using mods is at your own risk. There is some uncertainty as to whether players will end up getting banned for using mods. But if you're willing to take the chance, and want some new skins, here are a few worth considering.

We're offering just a soupcon of what's available; there is a huge amount to choose from.

Optimus Prime For Iron Giant

Fairly obviously, this mod replaces the Iron Giant with Optimus Prime. If you want a detailed reskin that also incorporates a Transformer, look no further.

1989 Batman Mod

Whether you prefer the Tim Burton movies to what has come after, there's no denying that the colour scheme is pretty iconic. So if you fancy changing up your Batman, so you can pretend Michael Keaton is under the hood, this is the one for you.

Link To Replace Wonder Woman

Link, one of Nintendo's most beloved characters can be yours, if you're willing to replace Wonder Woman. Its creator has emphasised that this is an alpha release. So check the readme file for important information.

Gus Fring to Replace Arya Stark

If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, then this may be the mod for you. Gus uses a good old boxcutter, a classic, wholesome weapon. Because he replaces Arya, you'll need to unlock her before you can access this particular mod.

As we said earlier, this is but a small selection from a wide range. But if any of these, or some other skin takes your fancy, how do you install it? Let's see.

How To Install MultiVersus Mods

To install any skin mods, in general, simply complete the following steps:

  • Download the relevant mod files.
  • Open your Steam library.
  • Right-click on MultiVersus and select Browse Local Files.
  • Go to the \Multiversus\Content\Paks folder
  • Copy and paste the mod files into this folder.

We would recommend that you read the installation guidance provided by the mod creator for any special instructions. And keep in mind that some may not work as smoothly as others, so don't be too disappointed. This is especially true if a mod has just been released and needs refining.

So now you have some mods you want to install. You also know how to install them. The question is, should you? And that's where things start to get complicated.

Are MultiVersus Mods Bannable?

Mods are beginning to stir up a fair amount of controversy in MultiVersus. Skin mods, such as the ones we've discussed in this article, don't affect the gameplay in any way, or give players any sort of competitive advantage. So in theory, they aren't doing anything that would justify a ban.

However, some streamers are being given a copyright strike for using modded clients. In other words, playing with a new skin does seem to be creating some legal issues.

So does this mean that playing with a modded skin will get you banned? Well, at the time of writing, this remains unclear. It does not appear that anyone has been banned from the game for using a mod...yet.

But there are suspicions that this is all laying the groundwork for WB Games to start blocking people who do use these mods. After all, the best way for them to make money is by selling new skins to players. So they would probably prefer it if people weren't using mods.

And there are potential legal ramifications for Warner Bros if characters that they haven't paid licensing fees for suddenly start cropping up in the game as a result of these mods.


A recent update seemed to block players from launching the game if they were using mods, in what appears to be a fairly definitive step from WB Games to prevent mods from being used in-game.

However, this can (currently) be circumvented. Open the Game's Properties menu and type -fileopenlog in the Launch Options box.

The recommendation is that if you do intend to use mods, restrict yourself to offline, local play if you can. Furthermore, it's probably wise to avoid recording any footage or screenshots of yourself using mods. And definitely don't make your username visible.

We don't know how long this will work for, and it definitely appears that WB Games is moving firmly towards removing mods from the game. It remains to be seen how they will respond to this workaround becoming common knowledge.

Will they release another update to try and block it? Or will they go for the less subtle, more contentious choice of openly banning players? We just don't know. but we certainly don't think this story is over.

Update 2:

Since we provided the last update, it looks as though the loophole that was described has been closed, leaving players with an ever-dwindling number of methods to use mods in Multiversus. They are also increasingly complicated to complete.

It seems pretty clear that WB Games doesn't want anyone to use mods. And even if they aren't stating it outright, the fact they are making it as hard as possible for players to mod the game, makes their position pretty clear.

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