Modern Warfare 2 Won't Download: How To Fix The Download Issue

Three soldiers use a truck for cover - modern warfare 2 won't download
Credit: Activision

Three soldiers use a truck for cover - modern warfare 2 won't download
Credit: Activision

There you are, trying to access the latest Call of Duty game, but you keep running into this vexing Modern Warfare 2 won't download error. And being unable to download the game is a certain way of being unable to play it.

There are, however, a few steps that may help you to overcome this particularly pernicious problem. We'll explain what those are, and help you get up and running.

How To Fix The Modern Warfare 2 Download Issue

There are a variety of potential reasons why you might be experiencing this issue, so what works for one person isn't guaranteed to work for the next. With this in mind, work your way through our suggestions until you find something that works for you.

We'll assume at this point that you've made certain you actually have enough storage space to download the game. If not, we've just solved your problem.

Otherwise, here is what you should try.

Check Server Status

The MW2 download issue can be caused by a server-side error. And with the game likely to be at its most popular when it's first released, it's possible that the servers are struggling to cope with the volume of traffic.

Start by checking the server status for the game. The Activision Online Services page will tell you if there are any known issues with the servers. If there is a problem, wait until the servers are up and running before trying again.

Check For Updates

It's also possible that there is a compatibility issue between your system and the game, especially if your software isn't fully up-to-date.

Check for any updates to your system software, graphics and audio drivers, and install any that you find.

Optimise Your Internet Connection

Just as Modern Warfare 2 won't download if there's an issue with the servers, the same is true if there's a problem with your internet connection.

  • If you're on WiFi, try switching to a wired connection to improve stability.
  • Close down any bandwidth-heavy programs to reduce traffic on your network.
  • Try restarting your router. You can also restart your device, to shut down other apps and programs that are running in the background.

Update Or Suspend Security Programs

We see this regularly, where an overzealous Firewall or Antivirus blocks a game.

In this instance, you can try adding Modern warfare 2 to your safe list, or try temporarily disabling the security software, to see if this allows the download to go through successfully.

Clear Download Cache on Steam

Call of Duty has made a triumphant return to Steam with Modern Warfare 2, so there are some steps you can take if you are using this platform. the first is to clear the download cache:

  • Start by restarting the Steam application
  • On the top bar, click on the View tab – found next to the Steam tab
  • From the drop-down menu, select settings
  • In the navigation menu, select the downloads tab
  • Once inside, simply click the clear download cache button and then click OK.

Once you've done this, try downloading the game again.

Try Repairing Steam Library Folder

If our previous fix didn't work, you can try repairing the Steam library folder:

  • Click the Steam tab at the top, then select settings from the drop-down.
  • Inside the settings menu, click the downloads tab and select the “Steam library folders” button
  • At this stage, you should see your folder used for game files. Right-click the folder and select “Repair Library Folder” from the options.
  • Once complete, restart Steam but this time run it as administrator.

If you've made it this far, and Modern Warfare 2 still won't download, we'd advise you to get in touch with Activision Support for further advice.

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