Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005 - How to fix MW2 crashing

How to fix Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005 | Soldiers with guns in the street
Credit: Activision

How to fix Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005 | Soldiers with guns in the street
Credit: Activision

Are you encountering Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005? If so, we've got you covered!

Like the scan and repair error and the dev error 6036, error code 0x887a0005 is crashing Modern Warfare 2 for many players, leaving them frustrated. For some, the game crashes on the loading map screen or while picking a loadout, while others simply can't get past the Activision logo screen.

If you are one of those unfortunate players who are unable to play Modern Warfare 2 due to frequent crashing, read on to find out the potential fixes.

How to fix Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005

Online forums and Twitter have been buzzing with complaints about Modern Warfare 2 crashing. The bug that crashes the game at launch or during gameplay seems to be affecting only PC users, like the Steam connection timed-out error.

Luckily, some players have found a couple of solutions that might help you get around this issue. Here are our tips to fix the Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a00050.

  • As this Reddit user suggested, switch off 'Instant Replay' in GeForce Experience and stop running MSI Afterburner.
  • Roll back the Nvidia Drivers to 522.25 or 516.59 as the new update is buggy.
  • Disabling Nvidia Ansel fixed the issue for this Reddit user. So, it's worth a try. To disable Nvidia Ansel:
    • Run the command prompt as administrator and type: cd c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_d223212c0a2275b5\NvCamera\
    • Then, type: NvCameraEnable.exe off
  • Try running as well as Modern Warfare 2 as administrator.
  • Turn off texture streaming and in-game downloads.
  • Choose the Interface sub-option inside the Settings tab. Scroll down until you find the ‘Parallax Effects‘ and turn it off.
  • Lastly, verify the integrity of game files as mentioned in the error message.

Hopefully, one of the fixes will help you eliminate or at least reduce the occurrence of the crashing issue. If not, we recommend you wait until the developers patch the problem. A fix is probably in the works for the issue and we believe it won't take long.

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What is Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005?

The Modern Warfare 2 error code 0x887a0005 is a PC-exclusive error that causes the application to crash during gameplay. It is accompanied by a long error message that says:

The application has unexpectedly stopped working.

Select Scan and Repair to restart the game and authorize to verify your installation. This will take a few minutes but it might resolve your current issue.

To contact customer service support, go to

Error Code: 0x887a0005 (0x887a0006) (6068) D
Signature: 79FEC8DA-651D758F-42FE4CF0-3867E6BA
Location: Ox00007FFB8596478C (12702991)
Executable: game_ship.exe

While the error message indicates that corrupted game files are to blame, most of the fixes suggest that it is a graphics-related issue. Multiple sources suggest that the new Nvidia driver update which turned out to be buggy is responsible for the game crashing.

According to PC Gamer, Nvidia is working on a hotfix that will fix the stability issues. So we'd suggest you keep the 516.59, or 522.25 drivers until the bug is fixed. Hope it helps!

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