Minecraft Server Error: How to fix Minecraft Server Connection Error, And Why Is My Minecraft Not Connecting To Servers?

If you need to fix a Minecraft server connection error, you've come to the right place. While it is possible to play Minecraft offline, there are times when you might want to be online. Whether that's to share your worlds with other players, or go and explore someone else's creation.

But if you are having a server connection error, then you are going to struggle to do anything but play alone. And loneliness is a terrible thing. So read this article, and we'll explain everything you need to know about how to fix a Minecraft server connection error. And, because we're awesome, we'll also tell you why Minecraft might not be connecting to the servers.

How to fix Minecraft Server Connnection Error

There are several possible solutions to help fix a Minecraft server connection error. But before doing anything, it's well worth checking to see whether there are any problems with the game servers. If the servers are down, then you'll need to wait until they are back online, before trying again. You can check the server status by using a site like Down Detector. Additionally, check the Mojang Support Twitter feed, as they will also list any known issues.

Assuming that all is well in the world of Minecraft servers, your next steps are as follows:

  • Start by making sure that your internet connection is working as it should be. So test another device, or open another app. If you are experiencing any connectivity problems, then restart your router.
  • It's also worth making sure that you don't have lot's of different apps and devices competing for bandwidth. If you are trying to play Minecraft while simultaneously trying to stream a movie in 4K, this might cause issues.
  • And finally, in terms of your network, if you are using WiFi, switching to a wired connection may increase the stability of your connection.
  • If your local Minecraft server is experiencing issues, then using a VPN may allow you to connect to a more distant server.
  • Log out, and log back into your Minecraft account.
  • If you are playing on a PC, check your firewall settings. An overzealous firewall may be blocking your connection to the Minecraft servers. Try disabling the firewall temporarily, or give Minecraft the necessary permissions to stop it being blocked.

If you are having issues with the Java Edition of the game, then in addition to what we've already suggested, Mojang offer a couple of extra tips to try:

  • Check that the connection error is not being caused by third-party mods that you have downloaded. Mojang strongly advise that you steer clear of third-party sites and software. Mojang cannot vouch for their security or safety. If you have any of these, try deleting them, and see if that makes a difference.
  • They also advise that if you are experiencing ongoing issues, you may need to contact your ISP, or network administrator.

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Why Is My Minecraft Not Connecting To Servers?

Given the number of different potential fixes that we've just listed, it's fair to say that there are several reasons why you might find Minecraft not connecting to the servers. These include:

  • Server problems.
  • Network or internet connectivity issues.
  • An over-zealous firewall.
  • Third-party mods and software that need to be deleted.

Should you try our fixes, but still find that you are having issues, it's probably time to contact Mojang for additional support. You can find them on Discord, or you can reach out via the support pages on their website. But hopefully, in most cases, our suggestions will get you back online with the minimum of fuss.

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