Minecraft on Xbox Series X will get a huge graphics upgrade with ray-tracing that could be better than PC

It's no secret that the Xbox Series X is a bit of a beast. The tech inside of it gives it a level of brute power that is normally only reserved for the final form of an anime villain.

Thankfully, it's not an anime villain, or at least not as far as we're aware. It's just a very powerful console, one which blurs the line between PC and console more than ever before.

Part of that is due to the Xbox Series X design, but most of it is due to the power of the individual components within it. All of them are impressive, of course, but the cumulative effects of them could be far grander than anybody had really considered.

In fact, according to one Twitter user's comparison, it might be even more powerful than some high-end graphics cards. That, for reference, is incredibly powerful.

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Xbox Series X ray-tracing is more powerful than PC?

The Twitter user is @astaranx, who posted a couple of screenshots showing a Tech Radar article and a thread based on a Digital Foundry article.

The first image shows that, without DLSS upscaling, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti dropped into the mid-20s in frame rate when playing Minecraft on PC using the game's enhanced-graphics RTX beta.

The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, was capable of running at 30-60 frames per second when playing Minecraft with DXR.

Both the DXR and RTX versions of Minecraft show off the futuristic graphics technology of ray tracing, though they're optimised for their respective platforms to allow for the best possible performance.

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Minecraft could look better than ever on Xbox Series X.
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Minecraft could look better than ever on Xbox Series X.

Erm... what does that mean?

It means, at least at face value, that the Xbox Series X could be more efficient than a high-end PC. However, there are an awful lot of caveats to this comparison.

For starters, in these examples, the PC and the Xbox Series X in question were running different versions of Minecraft. It's quite possible that the optimisation of each isn't equal, making for a poor base of comparison.

There's also the fact that the two are running on different resolutions, which means that they're not equal in the demands placed on the hardware either.

That's not to say that it's not an interesting comparison, because it is, but you have to keep these things in mind to stop from getting overhyped.

A high-end PC could still out-perform the Xbox Series X, but the level of power that the Microsoft console has is still absurdly impressive, especially as we've definitely not seen the best that it has to offer yet.

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