Minecraft Error Placing Order: How To Fix Error Placing Order When Buying Minecraft

If you're trying to buy Minecraft but keep facing the Minecraft Error Placing Order issue, here's what to do.

While Minecraft, despite its age, still suffers from several major errors such as the corrupted world issue or Minecraft exit code 0, some prospective players run into issues before even purchasing the game.

So if you've been a victim of the error placing order message on Minecraft, this article is for you.

How To Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

The Minecraft error placing order issue has a few potential fixes that seem to have been effective for users. We'll run through those now.

  • Try placing the order through a different device or browser.
  • You can also try updating your browser and trying again.
  • Consider using a different payment method. If you only have one payment card, then get in touch with your bank or card provider, to see whether there are any issues with the card.
  • On the payment method front, you could also try purchasing a gift card, and then redeeming that against the purchase.
  • Some users have found that purchasing Minecraft via the Windows store has circumvented this issue.

If none of these methods works, then try contacting Mojang support for additional assistance. This team will be best placed to help with account and billing related issues. But what do we know about the Minecraft placing order error?

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What Causes The Minecraft Error Placing Order?

There are a few reasons that are typically associated with this particular problem. An out-of-date browser is probably the most common. This can in turn lead to security issues, which may then trigger the error.

Additionally, if you are trying to buy Minecraft directly from Mojang, then the payment service which they use is based in Sweden. So if your card provider blocks international payments, this could also account for the problem.

While your bank may not block international payments in general, it's possible that they don't authorise transactions to this particular payment processor. This seems to have been particularly common for US-based customers.

And finally, on some occasions, the error is triggered because your Mojang account is under investigation. Whatever the reason for the investigation, you'll almost certainly need to contact Mojang for support.

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