Your Minecraft builds can become beautiful art with this AI tool

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AI image generators have released to mixed results, with many criticising generative images. However, it seems that combining them with Minecraft has made them much more tolerable, creating some beautiful imagery from blocky builds.


Minecraft gets credit for popularizing the voxel art style, using 3D models to replicate crude 2D pixels, and it looks great. Interestingly, pairing the voxel art style with AI image generators has led to much more palpable pictures being created by them.

Stable Diffusion AI image generators using the unique art style of Minecraft are opening the eyes of many to this method. Time will tell if this will lead to improvements in AI artwork going forward but this has been fairly promising.

Technical Artist Sean Simon, also known as ThoseSixFaces or Lozmosis on Reddit, shared a video of Stable Diffusion AI using Minecraft to make images. Apparently, the AI uses a mix of Minecraft screenshots and text prompts to make these incredibly detailed pictures.

It seems this method uses a modified version of InvokeAI, which goes about “targeting the latest image in the folder and outputting the Stable Diffusion image." Once that is complete, Tkinter uses another script to display the output image.


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While Sean is able to make beautiful images with the tools above, you’ll still need to know how to use Stable Diffusion AI to make your own versions. The AI model is the main creator of these art conversions, according to PC Gamer.

Funnily enough, one if Sean can use this method to turn art into Minecraft, the reverse of this process. Sean replied “I've started cooking something up in the works..” which should lead to more interesting art in the future. We can’t wait to see it.

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