Microsoft has launched xCloud early: How to get involved with the cloud gaming platform which will bring Xbox Series X games to mobile

Gaming is changing.

It's always changing, to be fair, but sometimes those changes are far more obvious than others.

We're moving into an era where consoles might become a tertiary way of playing your favourite games and mobile gaming might start to rule.

It's not in the way you might think though, let us introduce you to Project xCloud.

What is Project xCloud?

Project xCloud, or just xCloud to its friends, is a service that lets you stream games to a plethora of places and allows you to play them without needing a powerful console to do so.

It also removes the need for downloads, which makes it perfect for those who have a console, but no memory left on that console to install new content.

It's a pretty astonishing service, and it means you can stream any games you own to your phone if you want to.

Oh, also, it works with Xbox Game Pass, which means you don't actually need to own the games at all. That's a very big deal, and it could well change gaming as we know it. Better yet, you can try it out right now if you want. Well, there are some conditions…

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How can you use xCloud now?

So, first things first, for this to be available to you right now, as opposed to September 15th when the service launches properly, you need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member.

Next, you need to download the Xbox Game Pass (Beta) app from the Play Store, then, well, actually, that's it.

You can then manage your games and do a bunch of other stuff, but most excitingly, you can now play games on your mobile phone or tablet. Well, as long as you don't use iOS, because they're not playing nice with game streaming services yet.

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