Microsoft and Antstream TEAM UP for Burger Time tournament, bringing back the retro classic!

While we're all waiting for more news on the Xbox Series X, like a price and release date, for example, Microsoft is making moves elsewhere.

Microsoft is teaming up with some unlikely partners to bring a different kind of gaming to the masses.

It's cool to see them taking on these sort of projects, because it helps us remember older games, and that's excellent for seeing how far gaming has come while also respecting older titles.

So, here's what you need to know about Microsoft teaming up with Antstream Arcade.

Microsoft is partnering with Antstream Arcade

Starting on the 2nd of September and going until the 8th of September, Microsoft and Antstream Arcade are running an online gaming tournament.

The highlight of the tournament is "BurgerTime, the Data East classic 1982 arcade game where players assemble burgers while avoiding enemy foods, the online tournament will feature custom content and a brand-new challenge exclusive to the Antstream platform: Top Chef."

It's a way of highlighting Antstream Arcade, and new players can sign up on August 28th for a 10-day free trial if they want to get involved and try and win some prizes.

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What is Antstream Arcade

Antstream Arcade is "the world's first and largest retro game subscription service and has amassed the largest collection of retro games titles available in one place"

"The Antstream Arcade streaming service allows users to play retro video games, directly from the cloud with no downloads or installs, on modern devices through an affordable monthly subscription"

They've got over 1,000 retro games and they can all be played across a load of different devices. It's a fun service for fans of arcade classics, and you can even compete against other players via online leaderboards as well.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you can head to the website and sign up.

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