Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to Meta Quest 3 in December

Meta Quest 3
Credit: Meta/Microsoft

Meta Quest 3
Credit: Meta/Microsoft

The world of virtual reality (VR) gaming is about to get a major upgrade as Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced during this year's Meta Connect event that Xbox Cloud Gaming is officially coming to the Meta Quest 3.

This isn't a new development, in 2022 the partnership that would see the Meta Quest 2 receive Xbox support was announced. However, we know finally have confirmation of a solid timeframe in which fans can expect this feature to drop.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, gamers can expect the game streaming service to become available on Meta Quest 3 sometime in December.

With this integration, Meta Quest 3 users will have the opportunity to play a lot of popular Xbox titles such as Halo Infinite, Starfield, and Forza Horizon 5 on a virtual 2D screen. There are a few prerequisites and caveats users need to take into consideration.

Those interested will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a compatible controller to access Xbox Cloud Gaming on their Meta Quest 3 headset. Additionally, it's important to note that the service will initially roll out in select regions, leaving some eager players anticipating its expansion.

Furthermore, do keep in mind not all games are available to play via cloud streaming, although you'll still have a healthy dose of titles to try out.

While enthusiasts have previously discovered workarounds to access Xbox Cloud Gaming on Quest headsets, the official support from Meta will undoubtedly simplify the process, allowing everyone interested in VR to have yet another way to access their Xbox library.

Many fans are seeing this as a smart move from Microsoft and Xbox, who are actively lacking in the VR department on their own after their failed attempt to make AR experiences the next big thing, lagging behind Sony and the PSVR2 headset.

While it's not a one-on-one equivalent, being able to play Xbox games with a VR headsat does somewhat level the playing field.

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