Mass Effect N7 day panel announced: What will be revealed?

With the end of the year just ahead of us, we're about to enter the busiest time of year for gamers.

Not only is there going to be a constant stream of new games, but we've even got new consoles in the form of the PS5 and Xbox Series X too.

Despite that, it looks like we could be getting another big announcement from Bioware, one that a lot of people have been expecting.

It all makes sense of course, why wouldn't Bioware announce something big on N7 day?

What is N7 day?

N7 falls on November 7th, which makes sense we're sure you agree.

It's actually a reference to Commander Shepard's rank in Mass Effect and the day itself has been around since 2012.

It's usually just a marketing thing used to bring together fans and remind them that Mass Effect was a good trilogy and to try and get a buzz going on social media again.

This year though, it looks as though we could be getting a big announcement, and given all of the leaks that we've had in the last few months, we all know what we want it to be.

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Bioware is definitely teasing something?

It's natural to expect something on N7 day every year, especially given that we've had a Mass Effect trilogy leak or rumour nearly every month in the last year.

Well, this year there's going to be a special panel presented by a huge swathe of the voice actors behind the Mass Effect crew as well as two developers:

It was announced, as you can see, on Twitter. Jennifer Hale is the female voice of Shepard, and she also said she'd be dropping a link to the stream at some point too.

We'll keep you updated when we know the specifics though.

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