Mare VR puzzle game coming soon to Oculus Quest: Trailer, release date and more news

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VR is an interesting platform.

It's currently limited by the high cost of entry, and while we do have headsets like the Quest which are far cheaper, they come with their own drawbacks like the necessity of a Facebook account.

It makes for a somewhat underutilized platform, or at least one that it is underappreciated. Thankfully, that doesn't stop people making incredible games for the various platforms, and that means we get lots of games that might tempt you to buy-in despite the drawbacks.

Well, Mare is one that might just do it for you.

Mare trailer

Mare is a game where you wake up in control of a strange bird in a mysterious land. It's one where you'll have to help out a strange companion and find your way through all of the secrets held within both the world and your friend.

If that sounds good, then watch this:

It's pretty stunning, we're sure you'll agree.

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Mare release date

While Mare is meant to be coming this year, there's no hard release date yet, which means you'll have to wait until more details about the game are announced by the people behind it.

It's a little frustrating, but it's just the way things are, so we recommend you have a nap or something.

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Mare price

As above, so below.

With no release date, it'll be of no surprise that there's also no price. That being said, it's not unusual for VR games to be a lot cheaper than your standard gaming experience.

That means that it might be a lot less than you'd expect, but we'll keep you updated on all of these fronts as soon as we know more about them.

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