Madden 22 Score Glitch: How To Fix Franchise Mode Final Score Issue

The Madden 22 Final Score Glitch is, to put it mildly, annoying. Gamers have been tearing their hair out at the injustices they've suffered as a consequence, desperately searching for a way to fix this issue. What follows, is an answer to this very question. Here's all we know, about how to fix the Madden 22 Franchise Mode Final Score Issue.

How to fix Franchise Mode Final Score Issue

At the time of writing, this is one bug that does not appear to actually have a fix. The usual fixes, restarting your console, relaunching the game, and that sort of thing, have no effect. Some have suggested that this problem only manifests itself when you are playing offline. Cloud saves have seemingly yet to be affected in the same way. While we don't know for sure if this is correct, it may be worth trying, just in case it helps.

In the meantime though, we can only hope that EA are working feverishly behind the scenes to try to fix what is a pretty fundamental problem in the game. There is one (very slight) silver lining to this problem. Currently, it only appears to be affecting Franchise Mode, rather than all of the available game modes.

But what is the glitch? Read on, for an explanation of what exactly all the fuss is about.

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What is the Madden 22 score glitch/Final Score Issue?

The Madden 22 Final Score issue, is, as the kids say, a pretty Big Problem. Picture the scene. You've just pulled off a hard-fought, stellar win as the New York Jets. You've overcome near-impossible odds, to defeat Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs with a last-second field-goal from 50 yards. You're basking in a moment of hard-won glory. Then Madden 22 decides that this outcome is so impossibly unrealistic that they're going to change the score anyway. Despite all you've done, you still lose.

While this might be understandable in the specific example above, it is happening to players across all Franchises. A legitimate victory of, say the Green Bay Packers over the Detroit Lions, is chalked off. And no matter how many points your team scored, it displays as zero, and is chalked up as a loss.

It's difficult to imagine another error that could be quite as vexing as this. If you're playing as the Jets, it's actually a very accurate simulation of real-life. But for any other team, it's utterly maddening. And until EA send through a patch to fix it, there's precious little we can do about it.

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