Madden 22 Gridiron Forge Not Working: How To Fix Madden Gridiron Forge Not Loading Server Error

The Madden 22 Gridiron Forge Server Error is yet another big issue that gamers have been experiencing on this latest release from the franchise. While perhaps not as galling as the Final Score Error, it is still enormously frustrating for players to buy a game, only to find they can't actually play one of the game modes.

So we'll take a closer look at this particular issue, and tell you whether or not you can do anything about it. Here's what we know, about the Madden 22 Gridiron Forge Not Loading Server Error.

How To Fix Madden Gridiron Forge Not Loading Server Error

If you are a victim of this particular error, you'll receive the following message when you start trying to play Gridiron Forge:

Error: Our servers cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later

EA were recently contacted on Twitter by an exasperated gamer. Their response was to state that the team were aware of the issue, and were investigating. But have we actually come any closer to finding a fix for this? Well, there may just be some light at the end of the tunnel.

There have been a lot of people raising this issue on the EA support pages. EA have responded, and offered some advice to frustrated gamers. According to an EA community manager, the problem is caused when:

Certain item variations within the lineup may unexpectedly lead to corrupted data. Refreshing your lineup can help fix this.

Their suggestions for fixing the problem are as follows:

  • Visit your Roster within Madden Ultimate Team
  • Visit the Lineup Adjustment Tool on the right side
  • Create a New Lineup & Change to BEST TEAM OVR
  • Deactivate Superstar players from your lineup
  • Attempt to play a Solo Challenge game before making any adjustments to your lineup. 
  • If this was unsuccessful, try removing/swapping out your Team Visuals and Strategy Items and play again.
  • A final suggestion is to try power cycling your XboxPlayStation, or PC & reboot your network to rule out any local connectivity problems. 

If none of these solutions is successful, contact EA for extra advice and support, either on their website or via Twitter @EAHelp.

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What is the Gridiron Forge?

The Gridiron Forge is a new game mode in Madden 22. It's part of the Ultimate Team experience. Players participate in a series of challenges, and earn rewards depending upon how well they do. These rewards can then be put towards improving your team.

The rewards work like this: for every twenty stars that you win from these challenges, you will earn a tiered reward. You can get the following, depending on how well you perform:

  • Tier 1 (20 stars): 75+ OVR gold player
  • Tier 2 (40 stars): Pro fantasy pack
  • Tier 3 (60 stars): Gridiron pack
  • Tier 4 (80 stars): 69 OVR PUP CB JC Jackson and 87 OVR NAT CB JC Jackson
  • Tier 5 (100 stars): Elite pack

There are clearly some major benefits to be had from playing and succeeding in the Gridiron Forge game mode. So try the fixes listed above, and let's hope that EA can provide a permanent fix in the near future.

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