Lil Nas X Roblox concert reached MILLIONS of viewers

You may well remember that time that Travis Scott did a big old concert inside of Fortnite.

It was an exciting time for gaming, and the potential for other artists to show off their stuff digitally is one that we were hoping to see explored.

Well, the next big event has already happened, and this time it was within a game called Roblox.

Here's everything you need to know about the concert.

Lil Nas X is all-digital now

The performances took place over the last few days, with the original concert happening on Saturday and Sunday. However, it turns out that Roblox is absolutely massive (we'll get to that) and so is Lil Nas X, so they added another two showings on Monday.

If you're a little sad that you missed it, then the good news is that Conor3D put up a video on YouTube:

As you can see, the scale and spectacle of the event were absurd. It's definitely the kind of thing that was better live, but you can still experience it to some degree now and you definitely should if you like either Lil Nas X or Roblox.

The whole thing was actually a promotion for Lil Nas X's new single which is called Holiday. However, despite it being absurdly popular, you might not have even heard of Roblox.

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What is Roblox

Some people think that Roblox is a game, but that's not strictly true.

Roblox is a platform that allows players to create their own games and even play the ones made by other people.

It's a phenomenal thing that's been going on for fourteen years now, and some people make a good living creating things within it.

It's good for younger players too, as it's a good chance to experiment with some of the basic ideas of game design. So, now you know what it is.

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