Last Train Home Tactical View explained

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Last Train Home's combat is both slow and methodic while also being extremely fast paced when the gunfire starts. Sometimes, you won't have time to quickly reposition your units or deal with each of them individually. This is where you need to slow down the pace of combat with the Tactical View in Last Train Home.

The Tactical View is a combat mechanic that allows you to issue commands and halt all actions around you. It's important to know how to use it well and what situations it's best suited for. Furthermore, players who plan their moves ahead will want to know how to queue multiple commands in Tactical View as well.

You should also learn everything about combat skills and how to perform sneak attacks.

What is Tactical View in Last Train Home?

Tactical View is activated by pressing the spacebar key and it pauses the game state and all the action around you. You can also activate Tactical View by pressing the pause key on the top right. During this time you can take a good look at where your soldiers are positioned relative to the enemy and issue them commands. These commands will be executed immediately once you exit Tactical View by pressing the spacebar again.

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Tactical View allows you to have more fine-tuned control over your soldiers and how they behave. Take some time to issue individual commands to maximise their combat efficiency. You can also view certain details such as your unit and the enemy units' respective weapon ranges in Tactical View. These will help you position your units better during firefights. Advanced commanders will want to learn how to issue multiple commands in Tactical View as well.

How to queue multiple orders in Tactical View?

You can queue multiple orders by holding the shift button while issuing an order. Normally, if you try to give more than a single command in Tactical View, the new command will overwrite the first one. This leads to having to wait for your unit and issue the command again which can be very distracting and difficult to manage. Instead, commanders with a good field plan should make use of queued-up commands to ensure that their units are as autonomous as possible while they focus on other angles of the firefight.

That's all you need to know about Tactical View and how to issue multiple orders in Last Train Home. You should check out our full review of the game and list of all Point of Interests.

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