Is Valorant available on GeForce Now?



Valorant could be hailed as one of the breakout video games for 2020.

The first-person shooter title by Riot Games was incredibly popular with PC gamers. One of the game’s biggest selling points is that it is free-to-play.

But the question remains, can you experience it on GeForce Now? Here's everything you need to know.

Where is Valorant on GeForce Now?

The mixed futuristic and fantasy FPS by Riot is not yet available on GeForce Now, but it hasn't been ruled out by the team at Riot.

Speaking with Daily Express in 2020, Valorant game director Joe Ziegler didn't rule out the possibility of bringing the game to the streaming service.

Ziegler said that although League of Legends is available on GeForce Now, Riot Games are still undecided when it comes to Valorent, explaining that it was "a conversation we haven’t had yet."

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Expanding on the conversation, Ziegler also added:

“There are a lot of new cloud gaming and streaming platforms now that are providing services that we haven’t discussed working with.
“In terms of whether or not we’d support them, I think that would both be about understanding what those services could provide to our players, and whether or not those services could support the high performance and networking standards we want to enforce for our game.”
Joe Ziegler, Valorant Game Director

Despite the game not being available on GeForce Now, there are other NVIDIA options you can try...

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Valorant on GeForce Experience?

GeForce Experience is NVIDIA’s companion application used with the purpose of bringing out the best of your GeForce GTX graphics card.

Amazing, it also supports Valorant.

So you may just launch it in the Riot Games launcher, and apply the GeForce Experience aspects to it.

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