Is Steam on PS4 and Can you play Steam games on PlayStation?

is steam on ps4

Lately, many PS4 owners have been asking on the Internet if they can play Steam games on their PS4. But to know that, you'll need to know - is Steam on PS4?

We all know that Steam is a game storefront for PC games. But wouldn't it be great if you could put Steam onto your PlayStation, and enjoy your PC games on your enormous telly that your PS4 is connected to? Wouldn't it be great if you could use your PS4 DualShock controller as well?

In this article, we'll tell you whether this is something you can actually do, or if it is just a dream. Ready? Let's begin.

Is Steam on PS4?

A quick glance at the Steam installation page indicates that Steam is available for installation on PC, Mac, and Linux devices. There is no option to choose Steam for PS4. Some users have attempted to use the PS4's web browser to access the Steam website, and then attempt to download from there. However, this has been unsuccessful, and leads only to the message:

This data is not supported by the PS4

So that seems pretty clear: Steam is not available on the PS4. In fact, Steam isn't available on the Nintendo and Xbox consoles as well. But what about the games, or your Steam library? Is it possible to access these through your PlayStation?

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Can you play Steam games on PS4?

It really depends. There are lots of games that are available on Steam, that also have a PS4 version. So if you want to play those games, it is easy. Just buy the PS4 edition, and away you go. But what about games that aren't available on PlayStation? These are a different story...

When Sony released the PlayStation, it certainly wasn't their intention to allow users to simply go and buy their content from another provider. This really wouldn't make good business sense. There are also issues with the way the software operates. It's essentially the same principle as if you tried to insert a PC game disc into your PlayStation. It wouldn't work.

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You can, with Jailbreak

There are guides out there on the internet that will tell you how you can jailbreak your console. This may then enable you to play Steam games. There are others that can - if your PS4 hasn't been updated - tell you how to install Linux and run Linux-compatible Steam games.

This will almost certainly void any warranties you may have for your console. But if you wish to explore that route, options do exist that may work. In general terms though, you can't play Steam exclusive games on your PS4 or play games from your Steam library on your console.

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