Is Naughty Dog making a PS5 expansion for The Last Of Us Part 2, like Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Back when the PlayStation 4 was about to launch, Naughty Dog had just brought out the first entry of ‘The Last of Us’ in June of 2013.

The PlayStation 4 launched in November of that year, bringing with it a whole heap of suspicion that Naughty Dog may try to capitalise on the new console with a new game, or a port.

That came true with the game being released in February of 2014, bringing with it a higher frame rate and a higher resolution.

Now we are in similar grounds, with the impending launch of the PlayStation 5, and the sequel only being out for a month. So with that, here’s what we think could be occurring with both the game, and the upcoming console.

A Naughty Suspicion

First of all, there is one huge difference compared to now, and 2014, and that’s backwards-compatibility. There was, and is, no way of inserting a PS3 game into a PS4, as the architecture is so different from one another.

But here, Sony have touted thousands of PS4 games being able to work with the PlayStation 5. That brings with it some questions. As we are still in the dark to how games will work from one console to another, we suspect that it may just be PlayStation 5, simulating a PS4 environment once a PS4 game is inserted.

That’s one method though; but as we’re (apparently) mere months away from a release, it may be a completely different way of playing ‘The Last of Us 2’.

Another could be PSNow; it’s the streaming service from Sony that hasn’t had a lot of love, but with PS5 and high-speed-internet being almost a normality across the world now, it seems like playing Naughty Dog’s entry online could be another tantalising method for those who bought the game on the PS Store, and can now play their purchase through PS Now.

A Naughty Spin-Off Instead?

Another twist in the tale could be how Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been announced and advertised. After the confused mess in the beginning of whether it was a bolted-on aspect to the existing Spider-Man game, it was confirmed that it was a stand-alone entry, set after the game.

Naughty Dog aren’t new to this, with ‘Last of Us: Left Behind‘ and ‘Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy’ both being stand-alone entries for the PlayStation 4, released not long after the previous entries.

It’s been confirmed that Sony are yet to announce the full roster of games for the PlayStation 5, so we may be seeing a surprise-announcement of a spin-off based on ‘The Last of Us 2’.

Without spoiling the story, there is plenty of opportunity to carry on the narrative from the ending of the sequel, or even have a side-quel, showing other aspects of the story, but in a PlayStation 5, 4K viewpoint, featuring haptic-feedback on the DualSense controller.

We are in limbo right now, especially with rampant rumours of the price of the console about to be unveiled, but there’s many players, this writer included, of just how we will be able to play an incredible game from Naughty Dog on our new PlayStation 5 consoles.

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