Is Minecraft coming to Stadia: Latest release date news

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Even after many years, Minecraft remains a popular game despite its age. Minecraft is also known to be released for every platform available since the game’s release. 

Meanwhile, Google Stadia has yet to receive its own Minecraft port. Many Minecraft players are looking forward to Stadia’s port of the game. 

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Even without an official statement from its developers, rumours are still circulating about a potential release on Stadia.

Will Minecraft be released on Google Stadia? Here’s what we know about the developments and rumours on a port for Stadia. 

Minecraft On Stadia 

Fans would love Minecraft to come to Stadia and the cloud streaming platforms could be another handy addition to the many other platforms that already have access to the game.

Currently, Minecraft is owned by Microsoft through the company’s acquisition of the game’s developers, Mojang, back in 2014.

But right now, Microsoft has yet to release any official statements or teases on the potential arrival of Minecraft on Google Stadia. 

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Microsoft also has its own game streaming service for Xbox players, called Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

Whilst it might seem odd to bring Minecraft to a rival streaming service, Microsoft clearly has no problems bringing the game to as many platforms as possible.

You need only look at the Minecraft Bedrock Edition and how Microsoft has brought it to Android, iOS, PlayStation, and even Nintendo Switch.

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Bringing Minecraft to Google Stadia would be an odd move, but Microsoft has shown they don't care where you're playing, as long as you're playing their games.

Could Minecraft be added to Google Stadia’s library in the future? Sure, but we could be waiting sometime.

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