Is Loop Hero coming to Android and IOS?

Chances are you've heard about Loop Hero.

Like Valheim it's another break out indie hit of 2021 which appears to be taking the internet - and steam charts - by storm.

The game from developers FourQuarters managed to bring in over 150,000 players in 24 hours from launch on March 4 and continues to grow in popularity and critical praise.

For those who might have heard the name, but not paid enough attention to work out what the game is, here's the gist.

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Loop Hero is a roguelike game with a twist, in that it also throws in elements of deckbuilding and townbuilding along the way.

The hero will loop around a track and players must build obstacles and enemies to battle along the path to help them level up. But with every loop, the enemies also grow stronger.

If you're keen to know a bit more we'd advise watching the trailer (below), but one thing we're certain of, it's incredibly addictive.

Whilst the game has been an undoubted hit on PC, now the inevitable questions are being asked of whether the game is coming to other platforms. So here's what you need to know.

Is Loop Hero coming to Android and IOS?

At the time of writing the game is only available on PC via Steam, Epic Game Store, GoG and Humble Bundle.

Given you can get games such as FIFA, Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile running on most modern-day smartphones, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to suggest Loop Hero could run on iOS and Android phones.

That being said fans of the game could be waiting some time before they get any sort of portable port of the hit indie game.

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Is there a Loop Hero demo on Android?

There's been no word from the developers at Four Quarters on a potential mobile release, or indeed any platform beyond the existing PC options.

But it's not to say it's completely out the question.

If you go looking you can find an alpha version of the game titled 'LooPatHerO' which is available to play on Android.

Although this is only a demo and it's not been updated in some time, so you're unlikely getting the best experience possible.

Personally, we'd hold off playing it until an official release arrives.

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