Is GTA Online different than GTA 5?

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, GTA Online has been its counterpart; its multiplayer mode, its home from home.

Rockstar have been supporting it ever since, with no signs of slowing down, especially since the PC release in April of 2015, while the PlayStation 5 and Series X versions are planned for release in late-2021.

But there has been some players who have not even touched the online aspect of GTA V; partly due to the mods that the community have made for the PC version, while others just want to be on their own in San Andreas.

But for those who are curious; here’s what’s different about the online mode in GTA V.

San Andreas Online

Before GTA V, there was a dabble in the online aspect of Grand Theft Auto, that officially began with GTA IV and its many multiplayer modes. Going through Liberty City online on your PS3 or Xbox 360, it was a fantastic time, but it was simple in its approach.

With GTA Online, it’s essentially a world that has changed and expanded, while using the gameplay mechanics of GTA V to be used in multiplayer.

You first create a character that you can customise to the hilt, and after an hour-long tutorial you are left to your own devices, being able to level-up on certain skills such as shooting and driving, and being able to partake in missions and competitions, with or against one another.

It’s incredibly fun, and it only requires you to buy GTA V; you get the online mode free with this. Being able to randomly meet a few, or even friends in this world, and just do custom races or climbs up to the nearest mountain is immensely fun.

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Worth Playing?

GTA Online has seen many updates since 2013, with releases enabling co-operative heists, while being able to use the in-game currency to buy apartments and houses, while the latest update has even enabled casinos, although it is limited in certain parts of the world due to gambling laws.

You can even buy certain places to top up your income, such as nightclubs and clubhouses, where you can employ DJ’s and other associates to work away while you go on some co-operative heists.

GTA Online is a game that’s constantly being updated with new features and places to buy, something that’s not possible in the single-player experience. It’s ever-evolving, and it’s a game that’s netted Rockstar millions thanks to their support since 2013.

It’s these differences that set it apart from GTA V, and with both games coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, one can’t help but wonder if an expansion of both games is coming.

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