Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

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With the Forspoken release time and date revealed, many people are wondering if Forspoken is coming to Xbox.

Forespoken, one of the highly-anticipated PC and PS5 games coming out in 2023, is set to hit the market on 24 January 2023. Despite initial announcements of exclusivity, rumours and speculation have sparked interest in a possible Xbox release.

In this article, we will explore the possibility of Forespoken coming to Xbox consoles. So, let's get right into it!

Is Forspoken coming to Xbox?

Forspoken could be coming to Xbox, but not soon. Currently, it is a PC and PS5 exclusive title and it will remain so for at least one year.

In a YouTube video (posted in 2020) looking at the new and upcoming games, PS5 confirmed that Forspoken (under the name Project Athia) will not be available on other consoles "until at least 12 months after the release date."

That means we can expect Forspoken to come to Xbox as well as other consoles at some point in the future. Good news, right?

Forspoken Xbox release date

If Forspoken ever makes its way to Xbox, you shouldn't expect it for at least 12 months after the release date, as PS5 confirmed. So, the earliest possible Forspoken release date for Xbox is January 24, 2024.

Apparently, Forspoken is available to pre-order on the Xbox store for $70. Interestingly, the release date mentioned on the page is the same as that of PS5 and PC, which is January 24, 2023. Probably, they put it up just to fill the void until an official release date is announced.

Anyway, that covers almost everything about Forspoken on Xbox. We will update you with a concrete release date for Xbox when we get more information. Since you are here, find out if you can play The Last of Us on Xbox.

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