Is Among Us Cross-Platform: How to use Among Us Cross-Play

Among Us was a hit when it first landed on mobile. And with the recent launch of the game on Xbox and PlayStation, its popularity is sure to grow. But is Among Us Cross-Platform? It's a question lots of payers have been asking. So in this article, we'll answer that question. And we'll also take some time to explain the difference between cross-platform and cross-play, and whether that makes a difference in terms of playability. Whether you are a crewmate or an imposter, you'll get all the answers you need right here.

Is Among Us Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform basically means any game that is available across multiple platforms. Think of the majority of AAA titles, for example, Assassin's Creed, FIFA, or Fortnite. These are available on Xbox, PC and PlayStation, meaning they are playable across different platforms.

By this definition, Among Us very much counts as a cross-platform game. Since December 14th at least, when it finally made its debut on Xbox and PlayStation. Previously, when it was only available on PC, it would not have been considered a cross-platform title.

Some people might be confusing cross-platform with cross-play. We'll take a look at the differences between the two terms next.

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The Difference Between Cross-Platform and Cross Play

We've already explained what cross-platform means. If it's available on more than one platform, it can be called cross-platform. But cross-play is something different. This is when players on different platforms are able to play against one another. Fortnite again is an example of this, as is Call of Duty: Warzone.

For a lot of people, the terminology is understandably confusing. So when it comes to Among Us, we already know it is now a cross-platform game. But is cross-play available?

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If you were hoping to be able to play Among Us with friends, regardless of the consoles you own, we have good news for you. In an official news update from Innersloth, they confirmed that:

Have friends on other devices? No worries! The console version of Among Us allows for crossplay so everyone can play together. 4-15 player lobbies are supported with online multiplayer!

This confirmed that cross-play is available for players, regardless of whether you own an Xbox or a PlayStation. So now you can happily play alongside your mates, without worrying about what console each of you uses.

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