How To Turn Off Tips on Minecraft

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If the pop-up box telling you to go and punch a tree makes you want to...go punch a tree, then you might benefit from learning how to turn off tips on Minecraft.

We get it. Minecraft is just trying to be helpful, offering what they believe is a useful insight that they hope will enhance your experience of the game. The reality though, is that it quite often crops up at an inopportune moment. Or maybe it's just really irritating because you just want to be left alone to work stuff out for yourself.

Either way, there are a couple of ways you can turn off tips on Minecraft to save the frustration.

How To Turn Off Tips On Minecraft

Tips, or to give them their correct name, Tutorial Hints, appear in a Survival world when it is generated on a device for the first time. They are intended to support new players as they try to become familiar with the game. It's less of a problem in Creative mode, as players will only ever receive the first couple of hints.

For many people though, the tips that pop up in Minecraft are neither helpful nor appreciated. And there are really two ways that you can make these tips disappear.

Do What The Tip Says

The first option is to simply complete whatever instruction the tip includes. So if, for example, it tells you to punch a tree? Go punch the tree.

As soon as you do whatever you are being advised to do, the tip will disappear. And all being well, it will never return. For many people, this will be quicker and easier as a solution than doing anything else.

In some instances though, you may not be prepared to do this. Maybe you're trapped in a cave, far away from any punchable trees, and you need that intrusive box to disappear from your screen. If that's you, then our second option is the one for you.

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Go To Options.txt

Your second option is to change a value in the game directory. It's a little more complicated, but you'll be fine, as long as you follow these steps:

  • Save and quit Minecraft.
  • Once you are back on the main menu screen, click on Options.
  • In the next menu, click on Resource Packs, followed by Open Pack Folder.
  • This will open a file explorer window. Once this is open, make sure you shut down Minecraft altogether.
  • In the file explorer, go back one directory, so instead of Resource Packs you are now in the general Minecraft directory.
  • Locate the options.txt file and click on it.
  • Use ctrl+f and search for tutorialStep. Click find.
  • You'll see tutorialstep: followed by whatever tip you are being shown. Replace whatever that text says with none. It will now say tutorialStep:none.
  • Save the changes.

You should now be free from the tyranny of the tips box.

When you next launch Minecraft, you'll no longer see any hints and tips from Minecraft. All that misplaced rage towards trees will now be long gone.

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