How to transfer games and save data from an old PS4 to a new one

So you've decided now is a good time to buy a PS4 Pro, or maybe you just fancied a change of colour or something.

Now that you've got two PS4 consoles, you'll want to get everything from the old one onto the new one. This means games and save data, all the good stuff.

It's not a hard thing to do, you'll be happy to know, but it can take some time, which is annoying.

So, here's how to transfer games and save data from an old PS4 to a new one.

How to transfer games and save data from an old PS4 to a new one

First things first, you'll need a LAN cable to connect the two PS4s together as though making some kind of weird PS8. As long as you've got that and both consoles can connect to the internet, then you're ready to go.

  • Connect both of your PS4s to the same network
  • Sign in to your new PS4 and make sure everything is up to date
  • Double-check that your old PS4 is also up to date
  • Connect the two PS4s using a LAN cable
  • On your new PS4 select Settings
  • Then select System
  • Then select Transfer Data from Another PS4
  • Follow the instructions on screen

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What does this transfer?

This process transfers over more than just your games and save data. It also moves across all users and the settings that those users have.

It even moves across screenshots and video clips that you've got saved on the system. Which is nice if you want to make sure you can relive your glory days instead of actually playing games.

It doesn't move over any saved passwords though, and that's important to keep in mind because you'll probably have to reset your Netflix password because nobody actually knows theirs anymore.

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