How to remap buttons on Nintendo Switch: Change the settings of your Joy-Cons or Pro Controller

After three years of waiting, we can finally remap buttons on our Nintendo Switch.

This comes as part of the latest update to the Switch, and it's good news for everyone who either wants or needs this ability in order to enjoy gaming to the fullest.

It means that people who can't use the standard control schemes will be able to experience games in a way that's more comfortable for them, and more people gaming can only be a good thing.

However, to do it, you'll need to know how, and that's where we come in.

How to remap buttons on the Nintendo Switch

You'll be happy to know that this is actually a really simple process, which means you'll be able to get it all done before your game has even downloaded the latest patch. So, here's what you need to do. 1

1) Make sure you're already using the controller that you want to remap, which will make things easier

2) Select 'System Settings' via the cog on the Switch home screen

3) Scroll down to the Controllers and Sensors Section, and then choose the Change Button Mapping option

4) Pick and choose which buttons you want to do what and live your best and most customised life.

That's it, we told you it'd be nice and easy.

The Switch Joy-Cons can now be remapped!
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The Switch Joy-Cons can now be remapped!

The power of the preset

You can choose to save your preferences as a preset, so that if other people use the controller they won't be too confused by the custom layout.

You can customise the button layouts of lots of different control options too.

That means you can make sure you're always being catered for even if you're using a single Joy-Con or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Unfortunately, you can't remap the inputs on a Gamecube controller. It could be that this is introduced in a later update, but we'll have to live without it for the time being.

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The Switch Pro controller can also be remapped!
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The Switch Pro controller can also be remapped!

Why we needed this update

For the most part, this is a much-needed update, and while it's not perfect, it does a lot to make things far easier for a lot of people. It's also quite frankly about time given how important accessibility is.

Gaming is long past being a niche hobby, and the ability to share the games you love with everyone, no matter what challenges they might personally face, is essential for allowing for the most interesting designs possible.

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