How to move objects in Starfield

how to move objects in Starfield - mech on a planet

how to move objects in Starfield - mech on a planet

Moving objects in 3D games, at least those that don't use VR, is often quite cumbersome. That's why we have tutorials to make us quick to learn this stuff. But have you figured out already how to move objects in Starfield? No? Then we are here to help.

Now this information might be obvious for anyone who has played a Bethesda game before this. But not all gamers have that experience so it is useful knowledge anyway.

Let's delve deep and quickly find out how to move objects in Starfield so as to place them where you want.

How to move objects in Starfield

Basically, what you want to do here is highlight the item you want to move and then use the interact button (which is E on PC) to move it around. That's the easiest way possible to move objects around in the game.

Here are the steps in detail:

  • Highlight the object you'd like to move (for example something in your spaceship).
  • Press and keep pressing the interact button.
  • This makes your character grab the item and move it around.
  • Place it where you want and stop pressing the interact button.

That's really all there is to move objects around to place them where you'd like. Definitely useful knowledge if you've been hoarding too much stuff in your spaceship.

How many planets are in Starfield?

There are an incredible number of planets to explore in Starfield, more than a thousand apparently. While the plants are indeed procedurally generated, not all of them will have life. Some will be barren and, well, probably not that interesting to explore in the long run.

Naturally, not all planets are procedurally generated, as that could lead to quite the boring experience. In fact, Starfield also features hand-crafted places to explore so that you can find interesting places to visit.

That's all we have for you on how to move objects in Starfield. For more tips and tricks check out our guides on Starfield companions and best mods.

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