How To Mod Beat Saber 2023

How To Mod Beat Saber
Credit: Beat Games

How To Mod Beat Saber
Credit: Beat Games

To fully unlock all its potential, it is useful for players to know how to mod Beat Saber. As one of the most popular VR games of all time, Beat Saber has sold over 4 million copies of the game, and more than 40 million songs. But the modding community means there is a whole catalogue of additional content to enjoy.

If you've never modded before, it can be quite daunting, to begin with. This is why we've assembled a guide to lead you on your journey. Possibly to also download a song by Journey.

Read on below to find out everything wek now about how to mod Beat Saber so you can play the VR music game with all your favorite songs.

How To Mod Beat Saber Using Mod Assistant

Before we dive into the details, there are a few things to be aware of in relation to mods. Mods are not officially supported by Beat Games, and they can cause problems with the performance of the game, such as bugs and crashes. So if you start modding and then something goes wrong with your game, it's probably the mod. Just delete it, and your game should resume normal functioning.

Also, be aware that any updates to the game from the developers can cause the mods to stop working until the maker of the mod has the opportunity to get it working again. So if your mods stop working after you've recently updated the game, that's probably why. Keep checking for updates to your mods.

If you are installing a Beat Saber mod and it asks you for Administrator access, that's likely to be malicious. Do not click accept. Delete the mod.

Now, with all that being said, here's how to get hold of all those songs. The process will vary slightly depending on whether you are using a PC-based VR headset, or a standalone headset. We'll check out each of these in turn.

How to Mod Beat Saber On PC

It's advisable to play the game at least once before you start modding it. Then, the easiest way to use mods on Beat Saber is by getting hold of a Mod Installer. The one recommended by most users is Mod Assistant.

  • Open Mod Assistant, and agree to the terms and conditions of use.
  • Usually, it will automatically detect your Beat Saber installation folder. But if it can't find it, you may need to point it in the right direction.
  • Next, open the Mods tab.
  • Click on Install or Update. Wait for the installation process to complete.

You're now ready to install any mods that catch your eye. It can be overwhelming at first, so take some time to learn what each mod does, rather than downloading them all at once.

How To Download Songs

You do have the option of installing songs in-game. But there is another way, regarded as an even easier method, through using BeatSaver. This is where almost all custom songs are found. There are also lots of song options at BeastSaber. To use this method:

  • Start by enabling OneClick installs in Mod Assistant. Go to options, and select Beatsaver under OneClick installs. Do note that this will require you to give Mod Assistant administrator access.
  • Next, find the song you want to install, and then click on OneClick install.
  • This will download the song and add it to your game files.

How to Mod Beat Saber On Quest

The process is slightly different if you use a standalone VR headset, such as the Quest or Quest 2. For these headsets, you'll need to use SideQuest.

  • Once you've installed SideQuest, downgrade your version of Beat Saber to the most recent supported version of the game.
  • Then install BMBF to your headset. Doing this will disable official multiplayer, and prevent you from adding scores to the official leaderboards.
  • As with the PC advice, remember to play Beat Saber at least once before you try to mod the game.
  • Once you've done this, you can then open BMBF. Do this by going to unknown sources.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to mod your game.
  • Once this is done, you can see something called QuestBoard, which will have BeastSaber loaded within it.
  • Once you've added your desired mods, you will see a popup called Restore App. Hit Close.
  • When you launch Beat Saber to play it, you'll see the Restore App popup again. This time, select Open App.

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How To Download Songs

Open BMBF and make sure you click on the button that says, Sync to Beat Saber. Once the syncing process completes, go to your Mods tab on BMBF and make sure the following mods are listed:

  • Custom Types
  • Codegen
  • SongLoader
  • Playlist Manager
  • QuestUI
  • SongDownloader
  • PinkCore
how to mod beat saber
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Credit: Beat Games

Once you've confirmed these are in place, do the following to download songs:

  • Open Beat Saber
  • On the main menu, look at the Mods screen, on the left.
  • Open the SongDownloader tab
  • Search for a song and download it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are on a PC or using a standalone headset, following these steps will allow you to get access to mods on Beat Saber. But if for any reason you find yourself struggling, you can get additional support on the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord chat.

They'll be able to offer advice and help to anyone who is finding this process difficult. But if you follow each step carefully, you'll be well set to enjoy all the creative content the modding community has to offer.

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