How to fix your Xbox One when the disc drive makes a grinding sound and the console says "we can't play this disc"

If your Xbox One disc drive makes grinding sound, it's only natural to panic, but you've come to the right place if you're looking for a fix!

Luckily the people that have reported this issue have said it doesn't seem to damage the disc itself.

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But usually, it will give an error message that reads; “Sorry we can’t play this disc. Try an Xbox One game, music CD, or a movie on a Blu-ray or DVD.”

If this is what has happened to you, and you can't seem to work around it with a simple restart, or by wiping dust off the disc, or by hard-resetting the console, there is really only one thing for it...

Return your Xbox One to Microsoft

Apparently, Microsoft is being quite receptive to this issue due to the notoriety and regularity of it.

To get the process started, do this: click over to the Xbox tech support website; then register your console if you haven't already; and then follow the steps marked "submit a service order request".

Depending on how much warranty you have on the item, there will be a different level of appetite from Microsoft to help. But it's definitely worth trying!

Often they will tell you to ship it to them, and some people have reported having a new console as a replacement fairly quickly when they are in warranty.

If you try to fix this yourself, you could make it worse or void the warranty, so it is better to go through Microsoft's official channels. That link again for Xbox tech support is here.

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