NBA 2K20: How to fix speed glitch, speed stuck at 100 issue

If you've changed the speed on NBA 2K20 to 100, whether to grind through games or just out of curiosity, you might realise that even when changing it back to your desired speed, it is stuck at 100.

This is a glitch within the NBA 2K20's code, meaning that even having the best laptop for NBA 2K games won't help you out.

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If this has happened to you, here are some fixes that other players have reported as working for them.

How to fix speed glitch in NBA 2K20

Reddit and YouTubers have reported that you can fix the 100 speed glitch by joining a game in a neighbourhood with your friend.

There are a few steps you need to follow so this glitch disappears, so be sure to follow it precisely:

  1. Set your speed to the desired settings
  2. Load up into a quick match
  3. Join a neighbourhood with your friend as the player suffering from the glitch
  4. Play a full length of a MyPlayer nation match
  5. Load up a MyCareer match and check to see if the glitch is fixed


If this doesn't fix the issue, players have had success contacting 2K support via live chat, who will transfer your attributes over to a new MyCareer save if you provide proof of the glitch.

You can find how to live chat with 2K Support here.

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