How to fix PS5 corrupted data error message: "Your saved data was removed due to corruption"

The PS5 is a pretty extraordinary console, but it's not without its issues.

We're not talking about the almighty popped collar of the console, which not everyone is a huge fan of.

No no, we're talking about some of the errors you can end up with while playing with your shiny new toy that most of us haven't even gotten to order yet because of stock shortages and also money.

So, let's talk about how to deal with the corrupted data error on your PS5.

What causes the "Your saved data was removed due to corrupted data" PS5 error

While lots of things can cause this error, such as poorly timed power outages or disconnections, it all really comes down to one simple issue.

Something in your PS5's storage has gone awry, and that means that your hard-earned and much-beloved save files aren't working.

It's an incredibly upsetting one to see, but there are ways around that will hopefully work for you.

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How to get rid of the "Your saved data was removed due to corrupted data" PS5 error

The first thing you should do, after feeling sad and probably quite sorry for yourself, is to delete the game itself but not the save data.

There's a chance that the game has been corrupted but not the saved data itself. You can then reinstall the game and hopefully, the error will have gone.

If that doesn't work, it can often be fixed by downloading a previous save data from the cloud, though you'll need PS Plus to be able to access this feature.

If all of that feels, then it's quite likely that there won't be a fix in this case, so you may just have to delete all of the data and start again. Sorry.

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