Minecraft Exit Code 0: How to fix 'An unexpected error occurred and the game has crashed' in Minecraft

Underwater in Minecraft - Minecraft Exit Code 0

Underwater in Minecraft - Minecraft Exit Code 0

If you are being confronted with Minecraft Exit Code 0 when playing Minecraft, you aren't alone. Along with its cousin, Exit Code 1, users have been reporting problems with Exit Codes for a while. And it doesn't seem to matter what hardware you are using either.

The good news is that the wisdom of the internet means that there are a variety of potential fixes you can try, to get back up and running again.

So if you receive the message "An unexpected error occurred and the game has crashed. We're sorry for the inconvenience," then read on for some guidance.

How to Fix Exit Code 0 in Minecraft

If Exit Code 0 is continuing to negatively disrupt your Minecraft experience, we'd recommend trying the following solutions.

Incompatible software

A conflicting program could be responsible for stopping Minecraft from running properly. The Minecraft community has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of known software that is incompatible with the game. So if you happen to be running any of these programs while trying to play Minecraft, that could explain why you are having this issue. Try to close down any of these before playing.

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Java might be an issue

Like a general discussing strategy in the Pacific, consider Java. Mojang recommends that you make sure you are keeping Java up to date, as an out-of-date version can cause multiple issues. It's generally good practice to keep all your programs up to date anyway.

Users have reported this as a common potential cause for Exit Code 0, and making sure it is up to date may well resolve your issue. There is some guidance on this here.

Check your graphics driver

Some people have suggested that an out-of-date graphics driver, or a broken driver, could be an issue. So make sure your graphics driver is as up to date as possible. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, go here. If you use AMD, go here. And if you are on Intel, then go here.

As we mentioned above, it's good practice to keep your system fully up to date as part of your standard maintenance. An out-of-date GPU can lead to other software not running properly, as well as Minecraft.

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Incompatible Mods

Minecraft is well known for the ability to use mods in the game. However, there is a possibility that in some cases, mods are actually causing Exit Error 0. So try disabling or removing any mods you are using, to see whether they resolve the issue.

If your game stops crashing, there is a good chance you are using an incompatible mod. In this case, probably best to stop using whichever mod was responsible for causing the crash.

The nuclear option for Exit Code 0

While there is every chance that one of these fixes will do the job, there is always the possibility that you need to push the big red button.

If nothing else seems to be working, and you can't wait for further updates, then you could always try completely deleting and reinstalling the game. You can back up your .minecraft folder to ensure you don't lose your worlds.

Anything else worth trying?

The tips that we've outlined above are the most common ways to resolve the Exit Code error. If you've tried all of them but are still struggling with the same problem, there is a possibility that it points to a more fundamental system issue. So check that your system is running properly. You may want to go for the scorched earth approach of reinstalling Windows completely.

But before doing that, you could also consider contacting Mojang customer support for additional advice. While there's no guarantee they will be able to offer a solution, it's worth a try if you have exhausted all the options we have already outlined.

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What is Exit Code 0 in Minecraft?

Exit Code 0 indicates that while you are in the midst of playing, an error has occurred, and you have exited the game. There are several possible causes for the issue, which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly why it happens.

There are some obvious things to try - make sure you have the latest software updates on your computer and on Minecraft, for example. But as you will gather from the wide range of potential fixes, you may have to try a few different things before hitting upon what works for you.

The solutions we've outlined above are your best bet for resolving this particular issue, and hopefully, you'll soon be back to normal on Minecraft.

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