How to fix Xbox Series X error code 0x8b0500b6

How to fix Xbox Series X error code 0x8b0500b6 the xbox series x console

Have you experienced the catchily-named error code 0x8b0500b6 on the Xbox Series X and are looking for a fix? You aren't alone.

Error codes are an unfortunate but inevitable part of gaming. While the PS5's errors are often more documented, the Series X also has its fair share of issues, too.

Here, we will guide you through the causes of, and solutions to, error 0x8b0500b6. Excited? Then let's get going.

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How to fix Xbox error code 0x8b0500b6

According to Microsoft, the first solution is to restart your console:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Choose Turn off console or Restart console > Restart.
  • Try to perform the update again.

If this doesn't remedy the situation, then try connecting to a different network. This could mean using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, or vice versa. If you have enough mobile data, then consider creating a hotspot and connecting to that instead.

The third option is to wait a few hours before trying again. There are so many possible issues that could cause the network communication to break down. So sometimes, just sitting tight and waiting to see if the problem fixes itself, is the wisest course of action.

The final recommended option is to perform an offline update. This involves downloading an update file to a USB flash drive, before installing that file directly to your console. The USB will need a minimum of 6GB of space, and be formatted to NTFS. You'll also need a Windows 10 device with a working internet connection, in order to download the file to the USB drive. You can get more guidance on exactly how to do this here.

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What is Xbox error code 0x8b0500b6?

This is a fairly common error code, which occurs when you are performing a system update on your Xbox console. It occurs on the Series X but does also crop up on the Series S and the Xbox One.

Generally, it is indicative of an issue with your network connection, which has prevented the update from completing successfully.

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That's everythign you need to know about how to fix Xbox Series X error code 0x8b0500b6 on your Xbox Series X console.

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