Diablo Immortal Repair Client Error: How To Fix The Repair Client Issue

There you were, minding your own business, looking forward to sampling the delights of the latest Diablo game, only to be confronted by the Diablo Immortal Repair Client error. Which, to be frank, is not ideal.

While it isn't necessarily the boss fight you had envisaged when you attempted to log on, it is nonetheless a challenge that must be overcome should you wish to proceed. But levelling up won't help.

And that's where we step in, with a list of potential fixes to clear this hurdle and get on with the business of playing the actual game itself. Which is a far more interesting way to spend your time.

How To Fix The Diablo Immortal Repair Client Error

If you want to try to resolve this error, there are a few different steps that may work for you. At the time of writing, there doesn't appear to be a definitive fix for everyone. So work your way through our suggestions, until you find something that works for you.

As ever, we recommend checking the server status of the game, in case there are any known issues. If there are, wait for those to be resolved before trying again. You can find out this information via the @BlizzardCS Twitter feed.

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Check for Updates

We'll start with the simple fixes, and nothing is much easier than checking for any outstanding game or system updates. If you see anything pending, download and install it, and then try your game again.

It's very common for a series of updates to appear soon after a game is launched, as errors are identified and resolved. So doing this is a great place to start.

Clear Your Cache

If updates aren't the answer, then the next thing to try is clearing the app cache on your phone. This only works on an Android device, as iPhones don't give you the option of clearing the app cache. But if you use an Android device, here's what to do:

Go to settings > app storage. Select the Diablo Immortal app, then press Clear Data. Once you've done this, try loading the app again.

On an iPhone, you will need to uninstall the app, and then reinstall it onto your device.

Change Internet Connection

Another possible solution is to change the internet connection you are using. So if you are on WiFi, try turning that off and using mobile data instead. And the reverse also applies.

Switching internet connection will force you to reconnect to the servers, and may well overcome the repair client error.


As an extension of the above, a VPN can, in some cases, be an effective remedy. If you don't use a VPN, connecting to one will then mean you can connect to a different server in a different part of the world.

But if you already use a VPN, then switching it off, or trying to switch to another server in a different location may also work.

One potential issue is that some countries, notably Belgium and the Netherlands, have apparently banned Diablo Immortal from release due to the game containing loot boxes. These are banned by their gambling laws. So if you are trying to use a server in one of those countries, it may throw up some issues.

If All Else Fails

If you've tried all of the above and are still suffering, then you really have two final options. The first is to uninstall the game, and then reinstall it.

And if that doesn't work, then we'd advise you to contact the Blizzard Support team for further help. Hopefully, if enough people have raised this as an issue, they will have already identified a solution.

What Is The Repair Client Issue?

The repair client issue arises when players are attempting to load the game. But instead of the game loading, it reaches the title screen and then stops. The screen says "Repair Client" but offers little more by way of explanation.

You do get the option of clicking on a wrench and screwdriver icon. Players then see the message, "Repair Client? The repair process will start automatically the next time you launch the game".

However, when you click to proceed with this, it doesn't actually seem to do anything, other than increasing your blood pressure as a result of its futility.

Even more frustratingly, there doesn't seem to be much of an explanation about what causes this issue in the first place. Which makes it much harder to diagnose and fix. It does seem to be more prevalent on Android and iOS devices than PC.

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Happily, though, the fixes we've suggested have been known to work for other players. So give them a try, and hopefully, it won't be too long before you find yourself back in the thick of the action.

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