How to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook

how to connect xbox controller to chromebook a black xbox series x controller

The Xbox controller has come a long way since it was first launched, when it seemed to be designed only for people with absolutely massive hands. Nowadays, it is a smaller, more ergonomic, more tactile design, and each generation has seen it refined, enhanced and improved. It's so good you'll want to use it with all your devices, so we've put together this guide to show you how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook so you can play on the go.

So it stands to reason that if you are playing games on your Chromebook, it might be nice if you could enjoy some of the benefits of using one of the most popular joypads available today.

Below, we'll tell you how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook and all the way in which you can do so. Read on for more.

First, the compatibility question

We'll start with discussing compatibility. The Xbox One controller is supported by Stadia on PC, provided you have Chrome version 77 or later installed. Nvidia have also confirmed that some Xbox gamepads are supported on a Chromebook through GeForce Now. At the time of writing, this list includes the Xbox 360, Xbox One wired, and Xbox One S Bluetooth. And finally, it is also possible to link your Xbox controller to play via Steam as well.

So with all that in mind, you have your preferred choice of gaming platform. You have your Xbox controller. Now, all you need to do is pair them. So how do we do that?

How to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook

The good news in all this, is that connecting the Xbox controller to your Chromebook is really simple. The simplest, and quickest way, is by simply using a USB cable to plug yourgamepad directly into the Chromebook. If your Chromebook isn't detecting your controller, press the Xbox button on your controller to turn it back on, or unplug it and then plug it back into your device.

Using Bluetooth

If you want to use it via Bluetooth, here's what you need to do:

  • Check whether your Chromebook has in-built Bluetooth, or whether you need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to plug in.
  • Next, make your way to the Settings app on your Chromebook, and select the Bluetooth setting.
  • Your Chromebook will then begin looking for available devices.
  • On your Xbox controller, hold the Pair button for about 3 seconds, to begin pairing. The Xbox button will start flashing.
  • When the devices connect, the controller will appear in the Bluetooth menu. Select it and press Done to confirm the connection.

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That's everything you need to know about using your Xbox controller with Google's laptop. Read some of our other guides for more tips and tricks on technology.

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