How to connect Razer Synapse 3 to Amazon Alexa Voice Service: link gaming gear to voice commands and smart speakers

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Razer peripherals and laptops are some of the best and most popular gaming equipment on the market, but never before have gamers been able to connect their gear with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

That all changes now, however, as Razer has released a dedicated module for home integration. This comes without the need for additional Alexa hardware such as a smart speaker.

Now, Razer customers will be able to use Razer Synapse 3, the brand’s proprietary cloud-based configuration tool, to bring the Alexa Voice Service to PC.


This seismic update means gamers are able to control their PC and Chroma-compatible smart home devices using voice commands alone. Read on below to learn how to link your Razer gaming gear with Amazon’s Alexa software and to find out which new features are available...

How to link your Razer gaming gear with Amazon's Alexa

Download the Razer Synapse 3 installer from the software section of Razer’s website. Once the installer has finished downloading, you’ll be prompted to select other optional modules. Ensure that Alexa is selected before continuing with the download.

Once you have registered and signed-up to Razer’s software, the programs dashboard will greet you with an Alexa button under the “module” category.

Once clicked on, the Alexa button will prompt you to log into Amazon. Next, the Alexa homepage will give you instructions and examples as to how you can use Alexa’s module to improve your user experience.

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The Razer Kraken Ultimate headset.

Alexa features on PC

The new home integration between Razer and Alexa offers gamers several new features to improve the user experience.

Once the software is set-up, gamers are able to control their PC and Chroma-compatible smart home devices to a whole new level.

Through voice commands alone, users can ask Alexa to activate their Chroma lighting and turn the volume up, or ask Alexa to start a Chroma party by enabling the Chroma audio visualizer feature.

On top of this, the software gives access to a host of Alexa services and functions such as real-time news and weather updates, smart home controls and even the opening of browsers.

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