How to check PS5 controller battery charge on PS5 and PC

How To Check PS5 Controller Battery Charge: Check PS5 Battery Level On PS5 And PC

The PS5 DualSense controller is among the most popular controllers for gaming on PS5 and PC, but because of its short battery life, you'll probably want to know how to check PS5 controller battery charge so it doesn't die on you.

While the battery is expected to last for around 12 hours of gameplay, depending upon how much use of haptic feedback the game requires, it's useful to know how much juice is left in your DualSense. No one wants a dead controller at an inopportune moment whilst playing. Being in the midst of a boss fight only to be told that their controller has died and needs charging can be hugely annoying.

So here is everything you need to know about how to check PS5 controller battery charge, whether you are playing on your PlayStation 5 or on a PC.

How To Check PS5 Controller Battery On PC

You can connect the PS5 controller to your PC. The DualSense controller will work on PC, and with a game client such as Steam. However, you won't enjoy all the haptic feedback that you get on the PS5. Despite this, the DualSense remains a great choice for PC gaming, and the battery can, in theory at least, last even longer.

To check the battery level on the PC, here's what you need to do:

To make sure you are getting battery readings for your DualSense on your PC, one option is to use DS4Windows software. This application allows your controller to work effectively with Windows. In the app, you can check your battery level on the controller screen, under the battery heading.

Alternatively, you can simply connect the PS5 controller to your PC and Windows should automatically detect it. If you are on Steam, then there will normally be a battery indicator logo in the top right-hand corner. However, if this icon is missing, then you can click on the gear icon to access controller settings in the Settings menu. Here, you will find your controller battery level displayed.

How To Check On Your PlayStation Console

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Because the DualSense is designed specifically for the PS5, checking your battery level is a much simpler process. Simply press the PlayStation button on your controller to bring up the Control Centre. Along the bottom of the screen will be a set of features, one of which is Accessories.

The accessories display will tell you the battery level on your DualSense controller at a glance. Helpfully, your PlayStation will also alert you when your battery level is getting low, to hopefully avoid any inconvenient moments. If you have your controller connected via USB, then it will begin charging. The battery icon will animate while charging as well.

Now that you have learned how to check the PS5 controller battery, have a look at the best PS5 controller charger 2022.

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