How To Change Background On PS4

The Last Of Us wallpaper on PS4
Credit: Sony

The Last Of Us wallpaper on PS4
Credit: Sony

It's understandable that you might want to change background on your PS4. While blue is great, it can get a little boring after a while. And while you can't customise your PS5 background, you most certainly can with your PS4.

We all like ways to make our devices more personal, right? Either if it's a smartphone or even or Gmail account, a little background can go a long way to make things better.

On your PlayStation 4, there are a few different approaches you can take, depending on what images you wish to use as a background. We'll explain each of them in turn. And if you need some inspiration, Sony has provided a few shots to get you started here.

How To Change Background On PS4

There are three main methods for changing your background on your PlayStation 4: using a USB, using the web browser on your console, or via the PSN app on your mobile device.

We'll explore each of these, so you can decide which method is most suitable for you.

Ideally, if you're on the PS4, you'll want to make sure your image is at lest 1920 x 1080. If you're using the PS4 Pro, you'll want 3840 x 2160 pixels. These match the resolution and aspect ratio of the different consoles, ensuring your image will look at its absolute best.

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Use a USB

Here's how to use a USB drive to change background:

  • Find the image you want on your computer and save it onto a USB drive.
  • Plug your USB drive into your PS4.
  • On your PS4, go to Settings > Themes.
  • Click on Select Theme, then choose Custom.
  • Press Select Image > USB Storage Device.
  • Choose whichever image you wanted to use as your wallpaper.
  • You even have the option of zooming in on a specific part of the image, should you wish to do so. Use the right stick of your controller to zoom in.
  • When you are happy with your chosen image, hit Apply.

Using The Web Browser

If you prefer, you can find an image by using the web browser on your PS4:

  • Open the Browser app on your PS4.
  • You can then use the browser to find an image that you like. There's no science to this, just find an image you like.
  • This is where things get a little bit fiddly. You can't simply save the image. Instead, you'll need to press R3 - the right thumbstick - and zoom in on the image until it fills the screen.
  • Once you've done this, press and hold the Share button until it takes a screenshot of the image. This will then be saved to your PS4.
  • Go to Settings > Themes > Select Theme.
  • As before, go to Custom > Select Image.
  • Choose the screenshot you just took, and press Apply.

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Via The PSN App

Last, but by no means least, is the option to send an image from your phone to your PS4. Here are a few simple steps to do it:

  • Open the PSN App on your phone and sign in (if you haven't done so already).
  • At the top of the screen is the Messaging icon. Press that, and choose a trusted friend to send the image to. Bear in mind that if it's an image you don't want other people to see, you probably don't want to use this method.
  • In the messaging screen, press the Image icon at the bottom of the screen and then select the image you want to send from your photo gallery. When you've chosen your image, press Send.
  • Your friend will receive a lovely image. Thank them for their contribution. Switch on your pS4.
  • Go to Messages on your console. You'll be able to find the message you just sent from your phone. Select it, in order to make it full screen.
  • Press and hold Share in order to capture a screenshot.
  • Then repeat the same steps as we've outlined earlier - go to Settings > Themes > Select Theme.
  • Select Custom > Select Image.
  • Choose the screenshot you want to use as a background, and then press Apply.

That's all you need to know on how to change the background on your PS4. These methods are relatively simple, although they each involve different levels of effort. And it will really depend on where the image you want is located, which determines which method will be most suitable for you.

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