How the Nintendo Switch could benefit from NVIDIA buying ARM

Yesterday we found out about NVIDIA deciding to buy ARM for $40 billion.

Now, that's not a small amount of money, but it does serve to show off just how well both NVIDIA and ARM are doing these days thanks to the boom in PC gaming and the work both companies do.

Well, it could well be that it's not just those two companies or PC gamers who might benefit from this particular bit of business, it could actually impact Nintendo fans too.

So, here's what you need to know.

Why has NVIDIA bought ARM?

Because they want to flex.

Well, it's more likely that it's because the company wants to expand what it can do and take ownership of more of their own production.

They have GPUs covered, but with this acquisition of a company that specialises in chips, they can potentially move into other areas, including AI-driven computing, which is something they seem to want to invest is.

That's all likely to be good news for the company and PC gamers, but it could also benefit Nintendo fans, and that's all due to how the Switch is built.

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How could this affect the Nintendo Switch?

Right then, as it stands, the Nintendo Switch uses the NVIDIA Tegra chip inside of it. Assuming that this is still going to be the case going forwards, it could well mean a sizeable upgrade in NVIDIA's ability to improve their own chipsets for other devices, like the Switch.

Of course, the potential increase of focus on AI-driven computing could also affect future Switch variants, and it could well mean a boost in power and potential for whatever comes next.

We'll have to wait and see how this all pans out, but there's definitely potential here for something special.

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