How many devices can you use on Xbox Game Pass?

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Are you confused about Xbox Game Pass, what it is, and how it works? In this article, we'll be breaking it down for you, and explaining some of the key things you need to know, to decide if it's the right option for you.

What is Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a video game subscription service offered by Microsoft. Broadly analagous to PlayStation Plus, it offers gamers access to a selection of titles to play, for as long as they pay for the service. There are three different Game Pass options: a basic console package, a PC package, or the Ultimate package. All three packages offer access to over 100 games, new games are regularly, and there are exclusive offers for members.

The Ultimate package, for a slightly higher monthly cost, offers even more in addition. Exclusive in-game content, membership of Xbox Live Gold, and all the perks which come with that, multiplayer, EA Play (also available on the PC package) and games for console, PC, and Android devices. The other two packages limit you to console or PC only. All told, Game Pass is excellent value, and one of the most compelling game subscription offers available today. In exciting recent developments, Beta test invitations have been sent out to some Game Pass Ultimate users, to test Xbox cloud gaming on iOS devices and Windows 10 PCs. So soon there could be even more ways to play.

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How many devices can you use on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate are linked to your account, rather than a specific device. You are therefore able to use your subscription on any device that you sign in on. For the PC version for example, you can sign in on any PC, and enjoy access to all your membership perks.

Does Xbox Game Pass support multiple devices and consoles

This is not the same as being able to sign in to multiple devices at the same time, which you can't do at this point. Phil Spencer, head honcho of Xbox, did have a discussion on Twitter back in December 2020 about creating a "family" plan, which would allow multiple family members with consoles to share content. While that hasn't yet borne any fruit, it may happen in the future.

How to share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with friends and family

So does that mean you can't share your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with anyone else? Not quite. It is possible to share your subscription with at least one other person, or more specifically, one other device. This is done in exactly the same way as you would use family sharing, through designating a home Xbox. Your designated 'home' Xbox will then have access to your content, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so anyone signed in to that console can benefit. So in theory, you could visit a friend's house, and designate their console as your 'home' console. This would then give them access to all your content. Meanwhile, you can sign-in on another Xbox using your gamertag, and access all your content that way.

To assign a home Xbox:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Personalization, and then select My home Xbox.
  • Do either of the following:
    • To make this your home Xbox, select Make this my home Xbox.
    • To remove this console as your home Xbox, select Make this my home Xbox and then Remove this as my home Xbox.

Anyone who signs in to your home Xbox gets access to your Xbox Gold subscription, games from your Game Pass subscription, and games and DLC from the Microsoft Store. At the moment, this is the only way to share your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription with family or friends. But Phil knows people want more, so we can keep hoping.

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