Horizon Forbidden West Error CE-107891-6: How To Fix The Can't Start Game Error

Fans of post-apocalyptic games featuring mechanical dinosaurs have had their expectations well and truly smashed with the release of Horizon Forbidden West. That's assuming they've been able to access the game, of course as Horizon Forbidden West Error CE-107891-6 has been stopping them from getting into the game to experience its full splendour.

Instead, these poor souls are like Tiny Tim peering through a window at Christmas, watching everyone else getting fat on a juicy goose/killing a robot Pterodactyl. While robot Pterodactyls would undoubtedly have enhanced A Christmas Carol had Dickens conceived of their existence, that doesn't help you if you're suffering from this error. But we can. If you've been struggling to access the game, and are seeing Error CE-107891-6, here's everything you need to know.

How To Fix The Can't Start Game Error

If you are one of the unlucky ones to have been affected by this error, then there is something you can do in an effort to resolve it.

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In order to fix the problem, the solution appears to be to uninstall Horizon Forbidden West, before reinstalling it. Crucially, make sure you install it on your PS5's internal hard drive, rather than an external drive.

In the vast majority of cases, this will resolve the problem, and you'll soon be frolicking through the fields, admiring the way the grass blows on the breeze, and the way the robot Pterodactyls rain fire on you.

If however, in the extremely unlikely event that this doesn't seem to fix the problem, your best bet is to contact PlayStation Support for further advice. And that's because Error CE-107891-6 is more of a console issue than a Horizon issue. We'll explain more below.

What Causes Horizon Forbidden West Error CE-107891-6?

As we hinted at above, this particular error code is not exclusive to Horizon Forbidden West. It was actually seen on games that came out at the launch of the PS5, perhaps most notably with Death Stranding. Players receive an error message that says, "can't start the game or app".

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The reason for this appears to be when a game doesn't copy properly from an external hard drive onto the internal SSD. The solution, as we outlined earlier, is to delete and reinstall the game. This will hopefully remove the problem and make Horizon Forbidden West Error CE-107891-6 a thing of the past. Or the past of the future, where robot Pterodactyls rule the sky.

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