Hogwarts Legacy spell list - all confirmed spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy spell list character with magic wand

Hogwarts Legacy spell list character with magic wand

Are you excited to go back to the world of Hogwarts? With the release date of Hogwarts Legacy coming up, we are looking forward to attending classes, forming relationships with fellow students and, naturally, learning how to use many different spells. But how many of them made it into the game? We have here the complete Hogwarts Legacy spell list for you.

While deciding to learn some particular spells will also influence the narrative, as some of those are dangerous, others will be part of the main story and can be learned without fear of leading our character to the "dark side".

Let us look at what spells are available in Hogwarts Legacy and which ones you'll be able to learn.

Hogwarts Legacy spell list

Keep in mind this is not a complete list, as we will have confirmation about all of the available spells only when the game will be released. Here are the 26 spells available, based on what we have seen from the gameplay videos and trailer:

  • Accio – a telekinesis spell to attract enemies and objects;
  • Alohomora – to unlock doors and chests;
  • Arresto Momentum – to stop enemies in limbo;
  • Avada Kedavra – a dangerous spell to kill a target;
  • Confringo – a classic fireball;
  • Crucio – dealing a certain amount of damage;
  • Descendo – pick up enemies and slam them down;
  • Diffindo – used to cut stuff;
  • Expelliarmus – takes away weapons from enemies;
  • Flipendo – knock the target backwards;
  • Imperio – a classic charming spell;
  • Incendio – bring fire to enemies;
  • Lumos/Nox – light up things/darken them;
  • Patrificus Totalus – turn enemies to stone;
  • Protego – summons a protection shield;
  • Revelio – see nearby objects;
  • Rictusempra – along with disarming, it also distracts enemies;
  • Riddikulus – forces boggarts to change shape;
  • Stupefy – to stun enemies;
  • Wingardium Leviosa – a classic levitating spell.

There you have it! Hogwarts Legacy spell list to start with.

We will be sure to update the list if more details about the gameplay are revealed, but these already look enough to be satisfying most fans of the Harry Potter series.

In case you aren't aware, Hogwarts Legacy will be on Steam Deck and the gave will have over 100 side quests that affect the main story.

Hogwarts Legacy spell categories

The spells seem to be divided into four different categories: essential, force, control and damage. Let's take a look at each category in more detail.

  • Essential spells, such as Alohomora, can be activated using the d-pad on the controller and will be taught to the player while going through the main story.
  • Force spells, such as Crucio, will be used to slam enemies around, dealing some damage and being sure that they keep their distance.
  • Control spells, as the name implies, are used to not deal damage but rather block them momentarily, like Stupefy.
  • Damage spells, finally, are those used to just harm enemies, such as Incendio.

There is definitely much to choose from, in order to deal with enemies and puzzles in the story, depending on your style of play as well. Spells have a cooldown period, which then enables you to string along physical attacks which do not require magic to be used, to do powerful combos.

Hogwarts legacy is set to release on February 10. But if you pay extra, you will be able to do wizard war crimes as well as get early access to Hogwarts Legacy.

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