Will Hitman 3 VR be on PC? Will it come to Steam?

With Hitman 3 out in under a week now, people are rightly looking forward to getting their hands on it and getting stuck into the latest levels.

It's a great series, and the reboot has proved itself as one of the most consistently entertaining sandboxes around.

As a result of that, people are also very excited about the VR mode that was announced for PSVR.

You might be wondering about other platforms that VR could come to, as well as what the deal is with the Epic Store exclusivity, so here's what we know.

Will Hitman 3 come to Steam?

If you're one of those strange people that likes to think that the Epic Store is the worst thing to happen to PC gaming since the loss of physical media, then you'll be happy to know that the Epic Store exclusivity is indeed timed.

That means that you'll be able to play Hitman 3 on Steam when that exclusivity ends in 2022.

How does that impact the potential for the VR mode on PC though?

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Will the Hitman 3 VR mode ever come to PC?

As stated in our article on the matter yesterday "The VR mode is going to be PSVR only at launch, but that could well change further on down the line. This is especially true once the Epic Store exclusivity runs out in 2022."

While there are no guarantees that the VR mode will actually make it's way over to PC because of this, it does offer a small glimmer of hope to those hoping that it will be the case.

This all assumes that someone doesn't figure out a way to mod it into the game anyway. After all, there's very little the mass of the internet can't achieve.

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