Hitman 3 VR move controllers: Do you need them, and which ones should you buy?

Good news for budding digital assassins and fans of bald people in general, Hitman 3 is out next week.

That means you'll be able to explore brand-new locations as you try and track down your targets and make everything look like an accident before running away dressed as a flamingo.

It also means that the VR mode is coming soon too, which is an incredibly exciting new way to play the game.

What controllers with you be able to use with the PSVR version of Hitman 3 though?

What controller will the PSVR version of Hitman 3 VR use?

As it stands, you'll only be able to use the standard controller, which means no proper motion controls via the PlayStation Move wands.

While that might come as a surprise to some people, it's not all that shocking given the shortage of Move controllers there is in the world.

It would make far more sense for there to be a new controller on the way at some point, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for that.

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Will Hitman 3 VR ever come to PC?

We actually went pretty deep into this yesterday. “The VR mode is going to be PSVR only at launch, but that could well change further on down the line. This is especially true once the Epic Store exclusivity runs out in 2022.”

So there are no guarantees that the VR mode will actually make it’s way over to PC because of this, but it does offer a small glimmer of hope to those wishing to play it on PC.

This all assumes that someone doesn’t figure out a way to mod it into the game. After all, there’s very little the mass of the internet can’t achieve when it's bored and in need of something to do.

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